Elizabeth Entenman
May 20, 2016 9:36 am

Angel Rice is the self-proclaimed Queen of Tumbling, and it’s a title she’s totally worthy of. The gymnast posts videos on social media showing off her incredible gymnastics skills, and this vid is completely insane.

Go ahead and watch it a few times. It’ll totally blow your mind.

Let’s break this down. Angel starts with a back handspring, then transitions into the most impressive back tuck we’ve ever seen. She gets so much air, it’s like she’s flying. And then, she does a series of whip backs, or back handsprings without even using her hands. It all happens so quickly.

Angel’s tumbling videos are absolutely mesmerizing. Here she is bouncing back and forth, making it look like the easiest thing in the world. We’re dizzy just watching her.

She always sticks the landing with a smile!

Seriously, we could watch her all day.

Talk about being fearless! Like she says, the sky is the limit. Get this girl to the Olympics ASAP.