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When we first hear that someone is colorblind, it’s habit to think it means they see the world in nothing but black and white. But, for some people, colorblindness is a little more complex than that. Some people can’t see certain colors, or swap out one color for another, or see one color a little weaker than they see others. Though we’ve found more ways to enable some colorblind people to see the full spectrum that most of us can see, colorblindness is still a very real thing for some people, and this project highlighted by Refinery29 is showing how some colorblind people experience the world.

These incredible gifs from Clinic Compare, a medical consulting company based in the U.K., are seriously amazing.

You’ll have to look on to see what we mean.


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People with Tritanopia colorblindness confuse blue with green and yellow with violet, which looks like the above.

Blue Cone Monochromacy

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Blue Cone Monochromacy, a rare form of colorblindness, affects 1 in 100,000 individuals. It leads to poor or no color discrimination, which is why the photo above looks sort of like it’s been run through the fading filter.


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This is a more subtle form of colorblindness, so we had to check this photo out a bunch to see the difference! Basically, the blues are dialed down a bit.


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On the other hand, this one is SUPER obvious. Deuteranopia is one of the most common forms of colorblindness.