Are you ready to do some shopping/coveting? Here are Amazing and Creative Etsy Gifts that will make you the King or Queen of Giftgiving. (It’s a real title, I swear.)

If you tell me you don’t like Home Alone, I’ll say, “Oh, so you were probably an adult when that came out because watching it as an adult is a VERY disturbing experience.” But since I watched it taped off the TV on an old VHS repeatedly as a kid I LOVE this Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal shirt.

I don’t think it matters if you’re a cat person or a dog person (or both!), I think we ALL can enjoy this skirt. This is just an amazing fabric and who doesn’t want to see kittens while sitting in an office or hanging out or running errands?

You know how you say “when pigs fly?” when you’re talking about something you think you’d NEVER see happen? Well, here are some flying pigs on a pint glass. Look at that little face!

Nic Cage as Ariel aka the Little Mermaid. What more could you want? I love cross-stitch as a medium and stitch many gifts for friends and family myself so I can appreciate the amount of time and energy that goes into creating a piece like this. Someone buy this now.

I LOVE this print. (I actually bought it for my brother.) It’s a fake (obviously) Grand Canyon poster featuring some little UFOs. Or maybe it’s not fake. Who knows. The truth is out there, guys.

O.M.G. Now, I didn’t particularly enjoy dissecting frogs in 7th grade but that may have also had something to do with the boys who were throwing frog hearts across the science room. But this pillow is absolutely amazing. Just maybe not for the bed…

The detail on this tee shirt is amazing. It looks pretty much how I decorate my walls and though on a man, I think a woman could rock this shirt as well.

With Anchorman 2’s release, let’s explore some of our favorite quotes from Anchorman on these pencils.

Okay, what you are looking at? It’s WAFFLE AND SYRUP bed sheets. Insane, right? Unfortunately the pillows are not included but you can also purchase though. You can practically be a “toasty cinnamon bun” just like Homer Simpson!

Speaking of The Simpsons check out this amazing Simpsons-inspired nail polish. Doesn’t it just FEEL like you’re looking at the Simpson family? Love it.

Happy Etsy shopping!

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