HelloGiggles Team
December 24, 2014 7:00 am

Some works of art just wash over you and inspire all sorts of feeeeelings that are difficult to put into words. These are some of the artists who made this happen for the Hello Giggles editors and contributors this year.

Orly Cogan, Delilah

Amelia Olson: I’ve admired Orly Cogan’s embroidery work for several years now. Her ability to capture both the tenderness and obscenity of sexuality and gender is magical.

Mike Kelley, Detail of Educational Complex

Piper Weiss: A retrospective of the late artist Mike Kelly made my brain explode. My favorite piece was a miniature architectural model of the artist’s memory, expressed through important locations from his childhood and marked by blank regions where his memory eerily had lapsed.

Jesse Kanda,Twigs

Sophia Elias: His work as a visual artist is gorgeous and disturbing! I love seeing the images that live in his mind. Meanwhile, his visions take on a life of in MY mind. Kanda somehow manages to scare the living sh– out of you and make you see beauty at the same time.

Robert Gober, The Heart is Not a Metaphor

Brittany Allen: I loved his exhibit at the MoMa, because there’s an installation where you look down into a suitcase and see. . .well, you know what, I don’t want to spoil the surprise. It’s the best.

Maritza Lugo, Dating a British Man

Carly Lane: She as well as Ashley Villers don’t just create gorgeous prints and wearable art, but are incredibly wonderful people.

Phoebe Wahl, A Dance for the Fairy Queen

Kathryn Lindsay: I got to see her at an art fair over the summer and everything she makes is cute and magical.

Brazilian street art

Elena Sheppard: The street art that spoke to me the most this year was the stuff coming out of Brazil during the World Cup. It beautifully proved how anyone, anywhere, can send a message through art that can be seen and felt all over the whole world.

Everything by Eugenia Loli

Gina Vaynshteyn: I love how Eugenia Loli combines multi-media images, taking a vintage black and white photo of a couple and then replacing one of their heads with a disco ball. It’s so cool, and fresh, and just the raddest.

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