Jennifer Still
April 02, 2014 3:00 pm

Best friends are – for lack of a better word – the best, right? And never has that statement been more true than it is for 11-year-old Delaney Clements and her 9-year-old BFF Kamryn Renfro. While this story initially broke last week, we can’t stop thinking about how awesome both of these girls are.

You see, Delaney is currently receiving chemotherapy as she battles a childhood cancer known as neuroblastoma – a treatment that is helping to save her life but has also caused her to lose her hair. While this might be a devastating side-effect for a young girl to experience, Delaney’s got an extra bit of comfort in Kamryn, who decided to shave her head to match Delaney in a show of support.

Of course, while most applauded Kamryn’s selfless and touching gesture, administrators at Caprock Academy, her school in Grand Junction, Colorado, were initially less accepting. After Kamryn’s mother emailed school officials to let them know that her daughter would be donning a shaved head, she was told that shaved heads aren’t allowed and that Kamryn wouldn’t be allowed back on campus until her hair had grown out. That decision was overturned after public outcry led to a public meeting to be held, and Kamryn’s now back to school where she belongs.

The friendship between these two girls is heartwarming, and while Kamryn has admitted that she felt “punished” for supporting her friend, the bond between herself and Delaney has never been stronger. They even appeared on the TODAY show together last week to speak out about their experience. Now that’s what I call friendship.