Lilian Min
Updated Aug 27, 2016 @ 10:29 am
sprinkles pool
Credit: Museum of Ice Cream /

A confession: I am not a big sprinkles on my ice cream fan, though I love sprinkles themselves. These colorful little candy beads are the stuff of Instagram food project dreams — and for a few more days, NYC residents and visitors can jump into a pool of the sweet stuff, courtesy of the Museum of Ice Cream.

“For a few more days”? Alas, the “sprinkle pool” exhibit was a pop-up installation at the museum, which celebrates ice cream and its toppings in all of its decadence. Along with the sprinkle pool, there’s also edible balloons and something called the “Chocolate Chamber”; but let’s get back to the sprinkle pool.

The sprinkles themselves are made of plastic because, as much as some of us love candy, actually swimming in the stuff would probably wreck havoc and be exceptionally unhygienic to boot. Think of it as a shrunk down ball pit, or watch it in jubilant action:

Of course, literally every part of this delicious pop-up is totally sweet (heh) and Instagram ready, like these amazing cone lights…

…and what looks like to be a waffle cone wall, which is a decorating trick I’m taking to my next home.

Check out the museum’s offerings on their gorgeous Instagram; alas, for non-NYC city dwellers, that’s all we’ll be able to do, but if the museum is looking for new locations, we can think of a few places they should go…!