Kayleigh Roberts
November 07, 2015 5:54 am

Tim Burton is taking us back to Wonderland. We collectively fell for the director’s delightfully twisted version of Wonderland back in 2010 and we’ve basically been waiting (and waiting and waiting) to go back ever since. All of our favorites from the first film are returning — Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Helena Bonham-Carter as the Red Queen, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, and, of course, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

Disney released some teaser trailers recently, but finally, we have a full-length trailer to fangirl over (which is great, since the movie doesn’t come out until next summer). Here it is, and below are all the thoughts we had while watching it.

1. Okay, the ticking clock effect when the Disney logo appears is very cool and definitely sets up the importance of time in this movie. We’ve heard time is going to be important. Maybe this trailer will explain that a little more.

2. “You’ve been gone too long, Alice.” How long has Alice been gone? What is her life like now? Ahhh.

3. Oh wow. It looks like the Mad Hatter is standing in the middle of what used to be Wonderland, but everything is on fire and he’s about to cry. This is going to be INTENSE.

4. Going through the looking glass seemed a lot safer in the books. Here, Alice walks through and then falls out of a door in the sky, plummeting to what would definitely be her doom anywhere but Wonderland.

5. The narration is Wonderland poetry. Loving it.

6. We’re seeing clips of a lot of returning characters here. The Red Queen in a tiny, far away door. The March Hare and Dormouse looking terrified by the idea of no time for tea. This is good. The more characters from the first movie we see, the better, right? That means things in Wonderland aren’t so bad that they’re, well, you know…

7. Okay, there’s a lot of clock imagery here and a lot of action. This is looking amazing.

8. “Turn back the hands of time.” Alice is going to have to work some time travel magic. Maybe she can undo the burning, desolate Wonderland we saw the Mad Hatter in earlier.

9. But wait NO. Time is a he. Time is guy and a character in this movie and, it looks like, the antagonist. This just got even cooler.

10. Yeah, definitely the antagonist. He does not seem like a nice guy.

11. Finally, a spoken line from the Red Queen in this trailer. We kind of just want a whole movie about her. Helena Bonham Carter absolutely slays in this role.

12. And the button is hilarious. Time gives the Red Queen a little wind-up trinket of a man being beheaded. And that laugh! Yes. More action than ever plus the dark humor of the first movie? Count us in.

Alice Through the Looking Glass doesn’t hit theaters until Memorial Day 2016, so we’ll just be watching this trailer over and over again until then.

(Image via Disney.)