Opening Night Of The New Play BILLY & RAY At Vineyard Theatre
Credit: Walter McBride/Getty Images

I don’t know about you, but here at HG we re-watch all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls at least once a year. (Netflix, if you ever remove this show from your streaming service we may drop dead — you’ve been warned). And even though we’ve seen every episode of this iconic series approximately 1 million times, we are still shocked by the fact that Alexis Bledel (who plays Rory Gilmore) never seems to age.

Like, never.

So of course we had to take a look back at her first-ever trip down the red carpet to see if our eyes had been deceiving us all these years. Turns out, they haven’t.

Here is Rory — oops, make that Alexis — at the WB Network All-Star Party in 2001, rocking a magenta frock and showing off those signature blue peepers.

Credit: J. Vespa/WireImage

She was brand new to the limelight at this point — Gilmore Girls had just premiered the year before.

And here she is in 2014 attending the opening of the off-Broadway play Billy & Ray at the Vineyard Theatre in New York City.

Credit: Walter McBride/Getty Images

Besides the bangs, she is pretty much identical. Amirite?

Just look at this side-by-side!

Credit: Getty Images

Looking back on these photos not only reminded us to kick off our yearly Gilmore Girls binge, it also got us crazy excited for the Netflix reboot of the series. Nov. 25th can’t get here fast enough!