Teri Wilson
April 11, 2016 2:02 pm
Getty Images/Kevin Mazur

ICYMI, Alexander Skarsgard totally stole the show at the MTV Movie Awards last night. Skarsgard has been busy filming The Legend of Tarzan (set to hit screens this summer), and clearly he’s taking his role seriously. Because when he took the stage to present the Movie of the Year award alongside co-star Samuel L. Jackson, Skarsgard went full Tarzan. From the waist down, anyway.

Skarsgard strolled onstage in a tuxedo MINUS his pants and seemed perfectly comfortable doing so. Oh, and in case you’re curious about the answer to the age-old boxers vs. briefs question, the answer is briefs. (Come on, you know you were wondering.) When Jackson asked him what happened to his pants, Skarsgard explained “Me Tarzan. Gotta give the fans a little skin.”

Mission accomplished! The whole episode went a little something like this…

It was a real treat for those of us who miss seeing Skarsgard like this every Sunday night…


Oh, Eric Northman. Be still my True Blood-loving heart. (But I digress.)

The Internet OF COURSE had some feelings about Skarsgard going pant-less. Major feelings…

Um, yeah. We feel you, interwebs. Big time. And we can’t help but wonder what Skarsgard himself thinks about such an extreme reaction. We’re guessing his sentiments can best be expressed by this gif:


No, Alexander Skarsgard. Thank YOU.

*praying hands emojis forever*