Remember Alex from Target? He’s the angel-faced young man who became an overnight viral sensation last year after a picture of him bagging groceries spread over the far reaches of Twitter in a matter of hours. Then, it was discovered that it was all a marketing scheme— but Alex had already gone from 2,000 followers to several hundred thousand (now over 700,000) and won a spot in many people’s hearts.

Now, Alex is no longer a Target employee, making the whole “Alex from Target” a bit of a misnomer. He has also made another dramatic change apart from his career path, though, and we’re definitely all about it: he’s dyed his hair turquoise.

In a picture Alex shared on Instagram this week, he’s standing with actress Lauren Cohan (or, as many of us know her, Maggie in AMC’s The Walking Dead), sporting a shock of brightly colored locks. He almost (almost) upstages Cohan; however, her simple yet chic outfit and some flawless highlight on her cheeks keeps the pair evenly matched. (And, might we say, looking fierce.) We, and many of his Instagram followers, are loving the new hair. It’s bold, fun, and honestly, just a really gorgeous color.

Alex formerly-from-Target leaving his job at the retailer makes a lot of sense. After all, he’s now rubbing elbows with celebrities. The teen, who made several TV appearances right after his photo went viral, is now pursuing a career in entertainment and so far, he seems off to a solid start.

According to Entrepreneur, Alex specifically hopes to pursue music and film. He is also on a national tour with YouTube and Vine stars, and sells merchandise via his website. We wish Alex the best of luck in his career—and we can’t wait to see what cool color he dyes his hair next!

(Featured image via Twitter)