It’s no secret that kids say the darndest things. They are tiny children after all. And it can be easy to forget how little they actually know about this big wide world.

Which is why we can’t help but LOL at Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Carmen Baldwin, and her theory about babies.

Specifically. where babies come from. Yep — little Carmen is only three, but she already has some major theories. And one in particular is cracking us up oh-so-much on this Wednesday morning. For some context, she apparently desperately wants a baby sister, and in her pleas, did this (as shared on Instagram by mom Hilaria):

While this might not be quite biologically accurate, we’re pretty sure that we harbored some pretty strange ideas about the whole baby-making thing back when we were little kids (the stork, anyone?), so we’re willing to let this slide. Plus, Carmen is almost inhumanly cute, so we’re just glad her mom shared this adorable snap.

And in case you were wondering, Carmen does have a little sibling, albeit not a sister. Baby brother Leo was born in September of 2016.


Hopefully little Carmen will grow to accept the fact that Leo is pretty adorable and stop begging her mom for a sister. Because at the end of the day, a sibling is a sibling.

Also, we’re not sure if Hilaria wants to swallow any more babies…