Briana Hansen
Updated Mar 26, 2016 @ 9:35 am
ryan justin
Credit: TheMMCchannel/YouTube

Let’s be real for a moment. We don’t need another reason to love Ryan Gosling. Between his incredibly memorable characters and meme-worthy (not to mention swoon-worthy) looks, it’s hard to imagine finding more ways to completely adore him.

Credit: FilmDistrict/Tumblr

But today is our lucky day because AJ McLean, during an interview with TMZ, just reminded us of a long-ago forgotten fact that Ryan was actually also member of the infamously talented Mickey Mouse Club.

Credit: Disney-ABC Domestic Television/Giphy

But that’s not all AJ said. He also claimed that Ryan had some incredible singing pipes and was maybe even a better singer than his incredibly famous musician counterpart, Justin Timberlake. Which is quite a surprising statement.

Credit: NBC/Giphy

Apparently, back in the day, Gosling had the pipes to audition for Backstreet Boys or NSYNC (or both!). AJ just mentions that, having watched old Mickey Mouse Club footage of Ryan and Justin singing side-by-side, it would be a pretty tough to decide which one is the better singer.

Though, let’s be honest, there’s really no need for a clear “winner.” Just imagining those two dreamboats standing side-by-side yet again while belting out a beautiful love ballad is enough of a win for everyone. Besides, there’s no need to choose anyway because they both seem to work really well in groups, so maybe they just team up and create the most exciting and most heart-melting duo album the world has ever known.

Credit: Disney-ABC Domestic Television/Giphy

If you do want to be reminded of this young stud’s singing ability, there’s some wonderful reminders still available on the Internet. Here’s just one video that features a young Ryan and Justin (with a young JC Chasez bonus, because Disney is good to us). Watching it, you can definitely see what AJ means in terms of this young hunk having some surprisingly good pipes.

If you want to skip to the Ryan Gosling portion, he makes an amazing entrance at 1:31, though I highly suggest you watch the entire magical video.