The holiday season is as joyful as it is stressful, especially when it comes time to brave the traffic and lines to travel home. Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead, you could just pet some dogs? Now, you can.

United Airlines has introduced 230 trained “comfort dogs” at six of their primary locations (Chicago O’Hare, Cleveland Hopkins, Denver International, Houston Intercontinental , Los Angeles International, Newark International, and Washington Dulles) from now until December 23rd. From 9AM until 12PM and 1PM until 4PM, take a break from squeezing everything into your carry-on and desperately searching for your gate to sit down and pet some pups, who will be scattered around the airports after you’ve made it through security.

This idea came about two years ago and had its first run in 2014. The airline found that the dogs were particularly helpful when it came to reducing stress (in fact, it’s scientifically proven), especially for those who don’t travel very often.

United’s managing director of marketing Mark Krolick explained that this concept sprung from another well-known stress relieving tactic. “They used comfort dogs in the hospital to help children deal with stress,” he explained. ”My thinking was if it works in the hospital, there’s no reason it couldn’t work in the airport.”

This, along with better coffee and free cookies, is just another step taken by United to ensure passengers are as comfortable as possible during journeys that can be anything but. While the dogs can’t come with you on your flight, we’re sure they’ll make the experience of navigating a crazy, stressful airport a lot less manic—with 100% more snuggles.

(Image via Shutterstock)