How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Properly—Because It Really Is That Hard

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We've all been there. You finally washed your sheets and are ready to store the extras in your linen closet (or under the bed, for all you small-apartment dwellers) only to end up wrestling with the fitted sheet, struggling to properly fold it. For many of us, folding a fitted sheet has been a bit of a mysterious skill to master. Usually, the fabric ends up in a haphazard mess that vaguely resembles a neat rectangle and gets shoved into the depths of our closet until its next use. But as it turns out, there is an art to folding a fitted sheet. It may take a few tries, but once you learn how to tackle those elastic corners, you'll be surprised at how long it's taken you to figure out. In fact, it's probably much easier than you think. Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet. You can thank us later.

How to fold a fitted sheet:
1. Drape the fitted sheet over your hands by putting one hand in each corner. Make sure that the seams are facing out and the elastic is facing towards you.
2. Then, take your hands and flip the right corner over the left corner to fold the sheet in half vertically. This will create a small pocket.
3. Flip the sheet, one corner over the other, and repeat the same step (flipping one corner over the other) so that there are now two pockets. You should now have one hand in each pocket, and the elastic should be aligned at the top.
4. Fold the sheet in half again by bringing your two hands together so that all four fitted corners meet. Then, flip the right set of corners over the left set.
5. Use a flat surface (like your bed or a table) to lay the folded sheet down with the gathered elastic edge facing up. To create a straight edge, fold the longer part of the curved edge in towards the center a few inches. You now have a rectangle!
6. Finally, fold the sheet in half lengthwise and then into thirds. You did it!

Even if it takes you a few tries at first, before long, this method will become second nature.

- Hi, there.

I'm Lauren Phillips.

I'm going to try to show you how to fold a fitted sheet today.

It's tough.

It's tricky.

It's something I'm horrible at, but I

know I need to get better.


I got all the sheet outside the elastic.

There's my fourth quarter.

I will kinda do this.

My folding skills are not up to par.

Hey, Mom.

- How are you? - I'm OK.

How are you? - I'm good.

How's your new place?

My closet is pretty small.

I can't get my fitted sheets to fold.

I had the same problem in our first apartment.

So I have this method that I'm gonna tell you how to do.

The first thing you do is hold the sheet with your hands

in the corners, like this, with the seams facing out,

and the elastic part is facing toward you.

Seams of elastic toward me.

Take your right hand corner and put

it over your left hand corner.

So that you've got one hand now sticking out of two corners.

Take your other hand and pick up the other two corners.

Ooh, that looks kind of twisted, baby.

It is twisted.

Oh, jeepers, honey.

Take your right hand and just kind

of put it over the left hand.

OK, babe.

That doesn't look good.

Oh, my arms are tired.

Are you sure this is doable?




I have a sheet here.

Maybe I'll try it on my own and just kind of show you.

I was gonna watch you and then I'm gonna try.

I'm gonna slide my hand down to the other side

and pick up those other two pockets.

Like this.

What is this magic you're doing, Mom?

[LAUGHS] Years of practice, darling.


Fold, and do the pocket thing.

Oh, my goodness.

I'm gonna do left to right this time.

I'm just gonna dive--

dive down for the other--


This isn't a full body workout?

Do a couple of burpees while you're down there.

Let's do it together.

Left hand over right hand, flip it.

Now you've got two pockets on your right hand.

Slide your hand down.

Pick up the other two pockets, so that the seams

are on the inside.

Look, I've got hand in pockets, hand in pockets,

elastic at the top.

We got this.


The sheet needs to be inside out.

My sheet is inside out.

Left over right pocket.

Left over right pocket.

It looks like your whole arm is wrapped up in that sheet.

It is.




It's ready.

You got your hands like this, bring them together.

Big and open, bring them together.

Take this arm and put it over the top.

Take your left arm in that pocket.

Put your right arm down here, and get those other two

pockets together.

Ooh, that looks very close.



Yes, that's it!

Oh, my God. OK.


I did it.

Put the right hand pockets over the left hand pockets.

So now, you've got all four pockets lined up.

And, then you've got a weird rectangally shape.

Should look like this.

See it, babe?

Lay this down on your bed with the elastic at the top.

Fold the elastic in, so that it makes like a rectangle.

Fold the sheet in half, lengthwise.

Hot dog.

Now, you're gonna fold it in thirds.

It's not perfect, but it's so cool.

Just look at that. - Yeah, yeah.

Oh, my gosh.

That looks great.

Yay, go you!

There was a moment there where I was like, ah!

I don't know if this can happen.

Do you want to see if you can do it

on your own, the whole thing?


[LAUGHS] Let's try it.

One, find the other two.

I think I need to find my own path to get--

DIANA PHILLIPS: Try to get those--

that arm right there. - Yes.

DIANA PHILLIPS (ON VIDEO): Now, you're gonna lay it on the bed

with the elastic at the top.

Tuck in the elastic.

Elastic folds down, fold it in half, hotdog style.

Oh, man.

She did it!

Thank you so much.

You're welcome, babe. All right, sweetie, I love you.

All right. I love you, too.

I'll talk to you later. - OK.


So, all I can say is, thank goodness I called my mom.

I don't think I ever would have figured out

how to fold a fitted sheet without her help.

And I feel really proud of the progress I made today.

So, just thank goodness for moms.


Date published: January 22, 2021