Miranda Feneberger
Updated Jul 11, 2017 @ 3:32 pm
Stationary iteams
Credit: Anna Buckley / HelloGiggles - ban.do - Forever21

In an age when virtual stationery à la Google Sheets reigns supreme, the pencil to paper days of yore seem rare and inefficient. But there’s something prodigious about a nicely designed memo pad or an extra-inky highlighter. The joy we get from cracking the spine on a new planner or sharpening a personalized pencil set is unbeatable and yet to be matched by the algorithms permeating our lives.

To put it simply: Your yellow legal pads and Ticonderogas have nothing on the adorable (and affordable) stationery items we’ve rounded up.

Run your meetings in style with these stationery staples.

1A set of global greeting cards.

Credit: Rifle Paper Co

Find them for $17.60 at Rifle Paper Co.

2Ten sassy scented erasers.

Credit: Paper Source

Find them for $8.95 at Paper Source.

3This celestial pencil set.

Credit: Paper Source

Find the set of 10 pencils for $12.95 at Paper Source.

4A box of sushi notecards.

Credit: Papyrus

Find them for $19.95 at Papyrus.

5A positive pencil set from Ban.do.

Credit: Paper Source

Find the set for $12.95 at Paper Source.

6This set of pastel highlighters.

Credit: Kawaii Pen Shop

Find them for $13.99 at Kawaii Pen Shop.

7An Alice In Wonderland-themed desk calendar.

Credit: Rifle Paper Co

Find it for $6.40 at Rifle Paper Co.

8A sleek gold ruler.

Credit: Paper Source

Find it for $10.95 at Paper Source.

9A planner that will help you embrace your inner sass.

Credit: Pellatini

Find it for $48 at Pellatini.

10Adorable cat paw sticky notes.

Credit: Kawaii Pen Shop

Find them for $2.29 at Kawaii Pen Shop.

11This beautiful zodiac agenda.

Credit: Kate Spade

Find it for $36.00 at Kate Spade.

12A holographic pencil pouch.

Credit: Ban.do

Find it for $14.00 at Ban.do.

13A card that gets to the point.

Credit: ASOS

Find it for $5.53 at ASOS.

14Metallic leather alphabet stickers.

Credit: Ban.do

Find them for $2.00 at Ban.do.

15This adorable swan journal.

Credit: Papyrus

Find it for $14.95 at Papyrus.

16A set of colorful, tasseled paper clips.

Credit: Forever 21

Find them for $6.90 at Forever 21.

17This gorgeous address book.

Credit: Rifle Paper Co

Find it for $25.60 at Rifle Paper Co.

18And finally, this notebook that speaks the truth.

Credit: Forever 21

Find it for $16.00 at Forever 21.