Olivia Jakiel
Updated September 07, 2016 12:34 pm
Ben A. Prunchie / Getty Images

The week back after a long weekend can be a tough one to battle. Trust me, I’m still on vacation mode and even though it’s a shorter week, sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get through the week.

And that inspiration is CUTE AF DOGS.

Look at these two BFFs who are all ready for the new school year.

And these two guys who know that a good snuggle sesh cures all.

Do you feel that? That’s your heart melting from looking into the soulful eyes of this little nugget.

What’s cuter than a little floofer in a button up? NOTHIN’!

Just look at this little guy’s snaggle tooth!

This thoughtful little man who brought you your daily news is zee cutest!

And who thinks this guy should be the next Bachelor? *raises both hands*

Look! A winking floofer in the flesh, er, fur!

And finally, this Frenchie #squad who knows no matter how long the week feels, it’ll be the weekend soon.