There’s no doubt that Adele is currently the reigning queen of music (and our hearts). Not only is her voice haunting, but it’s inspiring, too. Why do you think YouTube is filled to the brim with so many covers?

From Joe Jonas belting in a clown costume to the incredible teen in Seoul, Korea making us feel all the feels with her powerful vocals, we’ve heard our fair share of incredible “Hello” covers. But a new rendition of Adele’s immediate classic might just top them all.

A 26-year-old Architecture student and musician from Kenya released a cover of herself singing “Hello” in Swahili, and wow. It’s unbelievably gorgeous. The singer’s name is Dela Maranga, and dang does she have pipes. Her cover is so full of raw emotion and depth that the fact that the lyrics are in an African dialect doesn’t even create a language barrier.

Dela translated Adele’s lyrics into Swahili, though she sings the word “Hello” in English, perhaps in tribute to the original. Her translation stays true to the musicality of the record-breaking song, and many of the phrases still rhyme the way they do in Adele’s version. For instance, “Ni mimi” (pronounced “ne me-me”) means “It’s me” – the translation is seamless!

Check out the full song below and prepare yourself for a tidal wave of emotions. Turns out Adele’s music transcends human speech – it sounds great in any language.

(Image via AdeleVEVO.)