Since Adele’s new music started seeping into our lives, nay our very beings, it’s become pretty clear that her lyrics might be the most quotable words to ever exist. When “Hello” first debuted, one girl actually used them in texts to her ex – he wasn’t too pleased, but the rest of the world was absolutely delighted.

Now, this week, another gal has shown the versatility of Adele’s heart wrenching songwriting. Twitter user @Sassafrantz responded to a creeper’s direct messages using only lines from “Hello,” and the conversation the ensued was pretty hilarious.

To be honest, I’m a little worried about this guy. Has he not heard Adele’s new music? Can someone please send it to him? He’e really missing out!

“Humnnn,” is right. Those DM’s are at once cryptic and well-meaning. How wonderfully confusing. See the full conversation unfold here:

In case you would like to try communicating singularly in Adele lyrics, here are some other situations that might be appropriate: meeting your boyfriend’s parents, seeing your cousins at Thanksgiving, asking questions about taxes, politely hanging up on a telemarketer, adopting a puppy, applying for a new job, approaching a cute guy at a bar, ordering a sandwich … basically any time, any where.

Here, let me try:

Hello from the other side (of your computer screen)!

Yup, that was fun.

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