Adele’s 25 tour doesn’t kick off until next July, but the powerhouse is giving fans a sneak peek of what’s in store for summer.

Thanks to NBC, Adele’s dazzling Radio City Music Hall special is now online and ready for your consumption! The concert, which took place back in November, aired its hour-long special on Monday on NBC. Those of you who missed the special this week can now alleviate your Adele FOMO at the click of a button (hint hint).

In case you needed any further incentives to watch the special (y’know, other than basking in Adele’s glorious vocals), the songstress revived old favorites like “Daydreamer,” “Rolling In The Deep,” and “Hometown Glory.” She also used the stage to debut one of her latest, “Water Under The Bridge,” an ode to her boyfriend, Simon Konecki. Need we say more?

Now, if you will, carve out an hour of your week and enjoy Adele’s hour-long concert special with us. In case the last link somehow escaped you, here it is again.

(Image via NBC)