Amazing news out of the Star Wars board game universe: Rey is being added to Star Wars Monopoly!

If you picked up the newest edition of the classic game, you might have noticed that of the four characters included — Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Finn, and Kylo Ren — the hero of Force Awakens is noticeably absent. While Finn is a GREAT character and we LOVE HIM a lot, when it comes time to battle it out and save the day, it’s Rey who steps up to the plate. You guys, it’s the Force that literally awakens in her.

According to Hasbro, Rey was left out of the game to avoid possible spoilers, which, yeah, is very thoughtful of them. On the other hand, it was already made clear through trailers, TV promos, and other merchandising that Rey was the main protagonist of the movie. Including her would not have been a huge “spoiler;” Rey could have appeared in the game with her staff, not a lightsaber. However, instead Hasbro chose to leave her out all together, which is NOT COOL.

After fans started voicing frustration across social media with the hashtag, #WhereIsRey, Hasbro realized their mistake. They Tweeted out a quick statement, explaining that due to our “passion for Rey,” she’ll be added to the game and available later this year.

While she should have been included in the game initially, her addition is being celebrated as if Starkiller Base just blew up.

Go ahead and buy yourself a Star Wars Monopoly now, and good work, everyone. Looks like we found Rey just like how she, the hero, found Luke.

(Image via Lucasfilm.)