Christina Wolfgram
April 13, 2016 5:39 pm

Maybe this situation sounds familiar: You’re casually lurking through an ex’s Instagram. Once you’ve sufficiently caught up on their life, you click on their best friend’s profile, their possible hook-up buddy’s profile, their sister’s profile. After a while, you get lazy, almost too comfortable. You forget to be sneaky, your finger slips …

You accidentally like a photo.

20th Century Fox /

This completely blows your cover, obviously. Even if you unlike the photo, you know they’re going to receive a notification. Heck, they’ve probably seen the notification, alerted your ex, and within a few minutes the two of them will be publicly Snapchatting about what a weird, crazy stalker you are.

Even though this kind of thing happens to anyone with a phone and childlike sense of curiosity, making a slip-up like this can feel like the end of the world. Here’s a video that shows the emotional rollercoaster that can be caused by one teeny tiny accidental double tap.