Karen Belz
Updated Sep 16, 2016 @ 1:05 pm
Credit: DSPCA / https://www.facebook.com/dspca/posts/10153945320710678:0

Today in Aww: Look at this gorgeous little miracle puppy named Autumn.

Little Autumn was abandoned and left in a pile of garbage in Dublin, Ireland. At the time, Autumn — thought to be a Jack Russell terrier — was predicted to only be seven to ten-days-old. She was quite possibly born a stray, or just left behind by someone cruel and heartless. (Both are terrible situations, but hopefully it’s the former and not the latter.)

Autumn’s fate didn’t look too promising, until a furry hero came into her life — a fellow terrier named Poppy.

After sniffing around the garbage, Poppy spotted Autumn, and refused to leave her sight.

Credit: TBS / giphy.com

Thanks to Poppy, Autumn was rescued just in time. After Poppy’s owner brought Autumn to the Dublin ASPCA, on September 14th, employee Lorna Swift said that it was unlikely that the little pup would have lived more than 24 hours longer if she wasn’t rescued when she was.

Autumn is now safe, sound, and a few days older in a foster home where she’ll definitely thrive. Poppy is, without a doubt, a hero, and we’re so glad she saved such an innocent little life!