Picture of Sully Boo Monsters Inc
Credit: Disney

Stopping to take a break from the real world is crucial. Even our service members do it! From barreling down a DIY water slide to rescuing a kitten with a burrito, police officers across the nation are working on strengthening bonds with their communities — all the while keeping them safe from harm.

As adults, we know that there are real life monsters out there. But, to a four-year-old, the only ones to worry about are the ones lurking under your bed (or in the closet!). If you recall, checking for monsters by yourself at that age is a bit daunting.

That’s why four-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch was stressing about potential monsters in her new home. That is, until Officer David Bonday came over to check things out.

Officer Bonday of the Longmont, Colorado Police Department made a special house call to the Fahrenbruch residence. While there, he and Sidney scoped out the house. Cabinets were opened and couch cushions were overturned to make sure that she would be safe from things that go bump in the night.

We’re happy to report that there were no monsters in the house.

According to a segment by Denver7, the pair initially met at police department barbecue three weeks prior. And, according to Fahrenbruch, checking for monsters in your house is “what police officers do.”

If you’ve ever seen Monster’s Inc, you know they’re no laughing matter. Let’s be real.

Searching for monsters might have been the main priority, but it’s clear that these two have formed a lasting friendship!