Caitlin Flynn
February 27, 2017 1:55 pm

Every couple wants the perfect photo to commemorate their wedding day — and sometimes, that perfection is achieved through totally unexpected circumstances. Case in point — a whale lowkey photobombed a bride and groom and it resulted in the greatest wedding picture you’ll ever see.

Crashing a wedding is generally considered to be a major social faux pas, but a beluga whale who resides at Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut proved to be an exception to this rule.

As the happy couple posed for photos in front of its tank, the whale casually swam over to join in the fun.

It’s not every day that a whale gets to be part of a wedding, so we think her actions are totally understandable. And did we mention this is the best wedding photo ever?

After the original picture was posted by Reddit user FishMcBite on r/PhotoshopBattles, people predictably created a series of hilarious photoshopped images.

Move aside, Pastor

Here’s how the whale spends her time when there are no weddings at the aquarium

Wouldn’t it have been nice if The Little Mermaid cast had been invited?

Well, this is awkward

Uninvited wedding guests aren’t always a bad thing — as this lovely beluga has proven, they may even give you the priceless gift of a perfect wedding photo.