Karen Belz
September 05, 2017 11:57 am

We’re a generation that loves to buy thing online. And by now, we’ve probably become pretty familiar with our local UPS workers. One unfortunate customer was trapped in his apartment due to a UPS delivery, which makes us wonder if perhaps he soured the mood of a delivery guy sometime this month. Since he’s out (and safe), we can admit that the unfortunate package placement is pretty hilarious.

Jessie Lawrence was saved from his apartment by a maintenance man but made sure to take a photo of how the package — which was blocking his door handle — was placed before fully enjoying his sweet freedom.

He posted it to Twitter, in hopes of letting UPS know what not to do in the future.

Of course, it soon went viral — and some pretty funny responses followed.

Others piped in with similar stories of failed package placement.

And the fact that UPS responded with a pretty noticeable typo, also had people laughing.

Still, it’s important to know that Lawrence got lucky. If something happened in his apartment, UPS could have had a major accident on their hands. (And even if not, it’s kinda-sorta important to be able to leave the house for work, or to go out and see people.)

It’s also a pretty good excuse to check your own doors and see if you might someday suffer the same fate as Lawrence. In fact, you may want to stage your own “drill” to make sure that your deliveries won’t cause you to be unintentionally homebound. We hope that UPS learns from this and gives its employees a refresher course on how to leave packages without incident.