Candace Ganger
Updated Nov 28, 2016 @ 12:18 pm
Credit: FOX

We have definitive proof that we can still have faith in humanity! Even during the most stressful, post-election days, a repo man helped an elderly couple in the most heart-warming of ways. Thus, further proving good things are still happening all around us!

Earlier this week, car repo man, Jim Ford, was sent to take a 1998 Buick from Stanford Kipping, 82, and his wife, Patty, 70, after the two failed to keep their car payments current due to high prescription costs.

Ford then took matters into his own hands. After trying to negotiate with the bank on their behalf (without even telling them), he turned to GoFundMe, hoping to raise enough money to cover the bank’s fees of $2,500. In just one day, he surpassed and exceeded the goal, having raised over $3,500!

We’re not crying! YOU ARE!

See all the awesome for yourself in the video below.

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After a much-needed oil change, new headlights and radiator, Ford was able to turn over the car back to the Kippings, along with $1,000 cash.

And that’s not all! Once the story took over the internet, even more people wanted to help this sweet couple, bringing their GoFundMe account up to almost $7,000 in only four days. At last check, the total was well over $17,000!