Credit: Disney

Remember watching Beauty and the Beast as a kid and seething with rage every time Gaston mistreated Belle, Maurice, the Beast, and, well, every other character in the movie? Didn’t it just ~infuriate~ you as young, budding feminist?

Well, a six-year-old girl named Lucy will not tolerate such behavior and she gave Gaston a piece of her mind during a visit to Disneyland — fulfilling a childhood fantasy and reminding us to stick up for what’s right.

Lucy, who was looking adorably snazzy in her full Snow White attire, was in line to meet her favorite princess when she spotted Gaston. She took it upon herself to school him about his deplorable behavior:

You tell him, Lucy! Her mom, who happened to catch the interaction on video, told the Huffington Post that she’s “very proud of her kind little heart.


A woman’s place is in the kitchen? Isabella refused to tolerate this sexism and she really let him have it.

Let’s give a major round of applause to little girls like Lucy and Isabella who aren’t afraid to stick up for themselves. They know that sometimes, you’ve just gotta do what’s necessary — tell a misogynist (fictional or otherwise) that his behavior will not be tolerated.