Toria Sheffield
Updated Dec 22, 2017 @ 12:45 pm
@TheUniversalMan / Twitter

A British university student has posted a now-viral Twitter thread about living with women for a week, and the internet officially approves. Robbie Stowers, 20, recently went on a ski trip in France and ended up rooming with three college-aged women he had never met before. This was apparently his first time living with members of the opposite sex, and he had thoughts.

But before we get into that, let’s take a moment to remember that Stowers’ observations are in no way representative of all women, and that there are countless ladies out there who likely don’t relate to the behaviors and habits described in this thread in any way. Case in point: Stowers jokingly tweeted that, “Girls have two makeup bag,” while a large number of women of course don’t even wear makeup.

He also noted he learned that girls meticulously deconstruct texts from guys they like, and of course, plenty of women aren’t romantically interested in men. He was hanging out with one specific group of friends, so as hilarious as his commentary is, we should of course keep in mind that it’s one guys’ experience with one tiny sample-size of women.

That being said, some women are seeing themselves and their besties in his many posts (listed in no particular order).

And while it might seem like Stowers only had skeptical/critical comments of his housemates, he also clarified to BuzzFeed that he actually genuinely appreciated his new friends.

Stowers noted that he’s sure his roommates could have made a million observations about living with him as well, which we’re sure is true (perhaps a lady out there living with a bunch of dudes will even volunteer to engage in such an exercise?). We’d be more than fascinated.