Jill Layton
January 23, 2015 1:15 pm

Another day, another adorable Super Bowl ad.

Buzzeed and Friskies have teamed up to create the latest video in the “Dear Kitten” series — and once again, it’s totally brilliant. In this one, the older, wiser cat passes on Super Bowl viewing advice and techniques to the younger, timid, and less experienced kitten. The whole thing couldn’t be more adorably perfect. There’s also a lesson in here for pet owners: we humans sure aren’t at our best on Super Bowl day.

This will be the first ever Friskies commercial to air during the Super Bowl, and it’s also Buzzfeed’s first TV commercial. The 60-second commercial will air in select markets during the Super Bowl, but the video in its entirety will be up on the interwebz forever. Because, as we all know, the interwebz loves cats.

And so do we.

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