Sammy Nickalls
August 29, 2015 11:00 am

Everyone has that one classic song that they can sing every single lyric of by heart, complete with guitar solos and drum fills — and they probably perform it, loudly, after a couple drinks at a party. For some, it’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen; for others, it’s (impressively!) “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel. For me, it’s “Hotel California” by The Eagles. I will never, ever, EVER get tired of that song — and apparently, neither will a lot of the world, since the most popular vid of the song on YouTube has almost eight million likes.

Now, the song we all know and love has been revamped, a cappella style — and I can confirm that it’s approximately a bajillion times better than my own personal renditions. Last December, a video of a Cuban a cappella group called Vocal Sampling was posted to YouTube, but only recently has it gained traction — as of now, it boasts almost four million views. And it’s taking off for good reason: It’s absolutely stunning. Close your eyes, and you’d think you’re hearing actual instruments — drums, guitar, the whole deal. But open them, and it’s just six amazingly-talented men using their voices in unbelievable ways.

Oh, and don’t close your eyes for too long, because at around the 4:20 mark, the guy in the red shirt does an UNBELIEVABLE guitar solo, you know, WITH HIS MOUTH. It doesn’t even seem possible that he could make it sound that accurate. It’s certainly way better than the noises I make during the guitar solo (mine sound more like a dying cat than an actual guitar).

According to their website, most of Vocal Sampling’s music is “largely based on Cuban music, but also heavily influenced by modern salsa and jazz.” All of them are instrumentalists and arrangers who met at Havana’s Instituto Superior de Arte, started the group, and the rest is history. In 1996, they even performed at Quincy Jones’ invitation during the Montreux Jazz Festival to celebrate his 50 years in the music business. So, you know, NBD.

Check out the entire video below and be prepared to be totally blown away.

(Image via YouTube.)