Karen Belz
March 29, 2017 8:41 am

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to wear a costume. A group of people dressed up like Albert Einstein yesterday to prove that fact, and also break a record while doing it.

The record in question? They wanted to be the “largest gathering of Albert Einstein lookalikes.” If you guessed that this was for the Guinness World Records, you’d be correct.

We’re absolutely in love with this record for a few reasons. For one, pretty much anyone was eligible to participate (as long as they had the proper wig, of course.) And two, it helped celebrate one of our favorite and most admired scientists of our time. Don’t forget — without Einstein, we wouldn’t have the general theory of relativity.

These photos will totally make your day.

So. Much. White. Hair.

And of course, it’s pretty cool to see the Einsteins in action. Here’s a short video that one of the participants took.

Our biggest regret? Not being there to witness the event ourselves.

The Einsteins reportedly met up at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto after being organized by The Next Einstein initiative. Since if anyone were to have a ton of white wigs and gear, it’s probably an organization called The Next Einstein.

The group, who is also running a contest to find someone with the next genius idea, also posted a photo of tinier Einsteins that came out to the big event.

In total, 404 people showed up, which smashed the last record of 99.

It’s moments like this that serve as reminders that the world, truly, is a fun and beautiful place. Next time someone wants to challenge the record, we’ll make sure to be there, wearing our fake mustaches proudly.