Kenya Foy
Updated Mar 30, 2017 @ 5:21 pm
bird riding on cat's back
Credit: Yutafamily /

Ya know, humans have tossed around the ol’ #squadgoals hashtag just a little too casually for our liking lately. Being dedicated to a core group of friends isn’t just about partying and posing on the ‘gram — it’s about lifting one another up in life, like this bird riding on a cat’s back.

Fine, so we meant that in the figurative sense, but it clearly applies in a literal way as well. We’ve seen cats in weirder positions than this, but given the generally contentious relationship between cats and birds, this particular feline’s show of kindness and extreme nonchalance towards its adorable blue, beaked companion deserves a round of applause.

In case you didn’t know it, this is what #squadgoals really looks like:

Yes, being a successful squad member sometimes means supporting a friend who needs help getting around (or one who really just doesn’t feel like using their own limbs/appendages/muscle groups to produce motion).

As Mashable points out, this bird-cat interaction is also kind of a big deal because birds have wings, and it would seem like using those built-in, feathered modes of transportation would make for a more convenient and quicker trip. But again, THEY’RE CLEARLY FRIENDS IRL, Y’ALL, which would also explain why the bird-carrying cat appears to be so unmoved by the presence of its tiny passenger.

We honestly can’t be sure if this laid-back feline was always super bird-friendly, or if it’s one of those cats that routinely re-evalutes its life and only recently arrived at this place of all animal-inclusive serenity.

Either way, we can all take a lesson from this cat and bird duo about what it really means to lend a helping hand (or back) to a friend.