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If you, like us, are LOVING the resurgence of ’90s fashion trends like chokers and pinstripes, we’ve got some hella awesome news for you. China Glaze just released a line of ’90s-tastic, grungey nail polishes for fall — and, spoiler alert, they are AH-MAZING.

As Nylon reports, the line of twelve polishes is called Rebel (very appropriate, right?) and will immediately make you feel like you’ve never left the days of 10 Things I Hate About You. Colors include an incredibly loud and awesome purple, a soft pale pink, and a glittery green. Score!

But the best part about these new hues just is their tight throwback labels, which include names such as: “Combat Blue-ts,” “Pearl Jammin,” and “Holo At Your Girl!”

There’s even one bravely titled “Teen Spirit,” which we are digging.

Some of the colors are already available on Sally Beauty for $6.99 each (and you can buy two, get one free!) or you can wait to get all of them from Beauty Plus Salon later this month for $7.50 per polish.

“Wear what you want, and forget the rest. Pink isn’t just for girls and combat boots aren’t just for boys,” asserted China Glaze’s in their press release.

Think we don’t want all these colors in our lives? As if!

Yup – this is totally off the heasy.