Erin Mallory Long
August 20, 2015 8:27 am

If I woke up tomorrow back in the ’90s I’d be A. really freaked out and B. totally prepared because I love nothing more than reminiscing about my childhood. But one of my favorite things was always back to school shopping. Sure, I loved getting new clothes and picking out the exact right pair of two-sizes-too-big Mudd jeans but the thing I REALLY loved was school supplies. Here are the essential ’90s school supplies we all desperately needed.


First you need a backpack to sling effortlessly over one shoulder. Yes, you’ll feel the results of that in your neck for years, but it’ll be worth it. A mini backpack for the weekend and this Tweety bird number for school would do the trick.

Trapper Keeper

Then you need the best Trapper Keeper – I would have LOVED this Sonic the Hedgehog one, personally. By middle school I got those zipper Five Star ones so my friends could sign them with markers.

Yikes pencils

I had the entire Yikes line as a kid. These were my favorite things and would be my favorite things now if I still had any. I was made for the ’90s, you guys.

Pencil case

What better to put your Yikes pencils in then this sweet Spice Girls pencil case? I always went between a pencil bag and the hard plastic pencil case but whatever had the best pattern, I’d pick. have

Pencil toppers

I pretty much wanted anything that had trolls on it throughout all of the ’90s. So much so that I’ve even recently purchased a nightgown from Target with a Troll on it. Anyway, these Troll pencil toppers are one of the items on this list I know for a fact I owned and cherished.

Lunch box

I honestly don’t understand why we all don’t STILL carry these lunch boxes. Seriously. Also is there anything more ’90s than a lunch box + thermos for the show Dinosaurs?

Gel pens

All. The. Cool. Kids. Had. These. Almost everything I wrote in middle school was in various color pens and I don’t know how my teachers didn’t kill me.


How will you get better stickers if you don’t bring stickers to school to trade with your friends??? (You won’t, that’s how.)

Stickers and perfect decoration for your…

Day planner

I’ve always been an organized person and used to color-coordinate all my day planners from middle school to high school. And obviously the only logical one would be by Lisa Frank.

But…the most important thing is of course…

Chunky Sketchers

That you will love. Even more than your Prada backpack. Or if you’re me, you can have off-brand chunky black and white sneakers.

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