There’s something magical about back-to-school supply shopping. Kids don’t WANT summer to be over, and they’d usually rather not to go back to school. But back to school shopping is something they look forward to all summer long. I know this, because I was a kid once. I would go back to school shopping with my mom, dump all my supplies on my bedroom floor, organize everything and then smell all of it. Because new plastic things smell amazing (right?)!

So, in honor of kids around the world heading back to school, and for nostalgic purposes, here’s a list of some of the best ‘90s back to school supplies we couldn’t live without:

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

I had a thing for smelling things (see above), so these were right up my alley. A sniff of a few of these could make any boring class less boring. At least for a second.

Scratch ‘n Sniff Stickers

Smelly things were huge in the ’90s. So was receiving a sticker for acing your mad minute. Life would be so much better if we still received scratch ‘n sniff stickers every time we were awesome at something.

Trapper Keepers

The only safe place to keep your homework. Loose papers could not be trusted, especially around dogs.

Multi-Colored Pens

Any school supply that doubled as a distraction was the best kind of school supply. I spent many hours pushing these button things up and down.

Erasable Pens

Perfect for permanent mistakes we had to get rid of—erasable pens were basically pencils disguised as pens.

Jansport Backpacks

Patches not included, but necessary.

Pencil Grips

It was impossible to write legibly with these things, but our pencils looked rad, so it didn’t matter.

Every Kind of Eraser Ever

Because the ones the came with pencils weren’t enough. This was the most fun anyone could ever have erasing.

Pencil Toppers

I braided my troll’s hair enough times to open my own tiny hair salon, probably.

All Things Lisa Frank

Aside from Oprah and Madonna, Lisa Frank was the queen of the ’90s.

TI-83 Calculator

It was the equivalent of bringing an iPad or laptop to class. It basically did our work for us—if we could figure out how to use it.

Pencil cases

Caboodles were the most efficient pencil cases that not only held pencils and pens, but other essential supplies like Elmer’s Glue, Tamogotchis, pogs and Luden’s Cough Drops.

Luden’s Cough Drops

Kids are gross and germy, so it was important to take preventative measures with cough drops. And by cough drops, I mean delicious cherry flavored candy disguised as cough drops. It was the only way to legally eat candy in class.

Lunch boxes

Lunch had to get to school somehow, so it only made sense to bring it a lunch box that totally represented everything you loved at the moment.