Caitlin Flynn
November 23, 2016 4:27 pm

After a painful two weeks, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and here’s something to be thankful for — the country is filled with kind people who spend their days helping others  while expecting nothing in return. Case in point — an 86-year-old man learned to knit so he could donate hats to babies born prematurely.

Ed Moseley, a retired engineer from Georgia, is no stranger to helping others in any way he can. During the 2015 holiday season, he helped donate hundreds of shoeboxes filled with toiletries to women and children in need.

He continued, “Somehow I had never knitted, and I always associated knitting with a bunch of needles but this looked pretty doable for me. I went through two or three before I came out with a good finished product.”


It wasn’t long before Moseley could knit a miniature hat in a little over an hour — and his efforts inspired others to follow suit. Residents and staffers at his retirement community followed Moseley’s lead, and he hosted classes to teach others how to knit.

“To have a gift left at the bedside, or a nurse put the hat on the little baby’s head, makes it all seem less like a hospital,” said Linda Kelly, clinical manager of the hospital’s special care nursery.”It’s important for families to see their baby as a baby and not as a patient. This will help to get the families to that spot.”

I’m not crying — there’s something in my eye.