Jill Layton
July 29, 2014 11:32 am

If you’ve been an Uber passenger, you know that you’re able to rate your drivers once they’ve delivered you to your destination. But did you know that drivers can rate YOU? The rating is normally not accessible to passengers, but the Uber system was recently hacked, allowing users to find out their secret rating. And according to Business Insider, those curious enough to find out their rating were surprised at how low they scored.

The hack only lasted for about nine hours, and has since been unhackified (a real word, probably). But just in case you are concerned about what Uber drivers really think of you, here are some tips on how to avoid a terrible passenger rating:

1. Don’t be late

No one likes to be kept waiting, especially if it means preventing the driver from making money. The longer they wait for you, the less rides they are giving. Time is money. Time is also a low Uber rating.

2. Don’t throw up

Seeing someone throw up is the worst. Seeing someone throw up in your car is the absolute WORST worst. Like, it doesn’t actually get worse than that. Chances are you’re taking an Uber because you’ve been drinking. And that’s super safe and practical of you. But if you’re throwing up in someone’s car that isn’t your own, you may need to spend some time learning your alcohol limit. Or at least come prepared with a gag bag or two.

3. Don’t have sexy time in the backseat. 

This one could actually go either way, depending on the perv level of your driver. But chances are, they don’t want sexy-time things happening in their backseat if they aren’t the ones doing the sexy-time things.

4. Don’t request to stop for food.

Not everyone enjoys food being eaten in their car. So, if you’re ordering 23 soft tacos, 17 hard tacos and 12 Doritos Locos Tacos, you’re probably not super sober. And not sober people tend to not be not messy.

5. Don’t talk loudly on your cell phone.

Uber drivers are typically pretty fun and willing to listen to all sorts of shenanigans, but every now and then you’ll get a driver who is just not interested in chatter. If you have to take a call, talk at a considerate volume.

6. Don’t backseat drive.

Unless you need to give directions, leave the driving to the driver. Seeing as driving is their job, they’re probably pretty decent at it. It’s their job to safely and efficiently get you from one location to the next, so as long as they’re succeeding at that, just let it happen. But if they’re trying to scam you by taking a longer route, back seat drive yourself all the way to your destination.

7. Don’t go crazy with radio requests. 

Asking to change the radio station or to adjust the volume is a perfectly reasonable request, but limit it to once or twice. Don’t drive the driver crazy or they’ll drive their finger right over to the terrible rating button.

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