Laura Donovan
April 03, 2014 3:00 pm

I sleep like the dead, so when I woke up to the sound of my roommate tearing apart her room two weeks ago, I knew something was wrong. Stumbling out my door in flannel cat pajamas, I found her caulking the wall by her window. Turns out, a cockroach had fallen on her face and she was looking for any friends it might have around.

However, a pesky cockroach seems like a pretty small issue compared to what a family in Stockholm, Sweden was recently subjected to. They were terrorized for a week by a giant rat roaming the residence. At 15 inches in length, Ratzilla couldn’t be taken out by a rat trap – an exterminator had to come in and put the rodent out of its misery. He’s gone, but there are plenty of other awful animals and bugs out there to violate your living space. Here are some things I’d never want to come home to, and sadly this goes beyond creepy crawlers.

8. Ratzilla

You can keep your kitchen clean all you want, but if Ratzilla wants to live rent-free on your turf, he’ll absolutely make it happen. The aforementioned “rat from hell” entered a Stockholm house through a hole in the cellar and made itself comfortable for a week. When rat traps wouldn’t kill it, an exterminator had to step in and complete the task at hand. Unfortunately, giant rats aren’t confined to Europe. New York City has been known to host Ratzillas in subway stations, sewers and even Foot Locker locations, so watch out, Manhattan.

7. House centipedes

Just looking at this guy makes my skin crawl. All of those legs allow them to race through your house like a track meet, and you never know when you’ll find one on your head.

6. Oozing walls

It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but more often than not, you’re just living in an old place with cracks and physical reactions to weather and ventilation changes. Try not to fret … or get too grossed out.

5. Cockroaches anywhere

Least of all in your toilet! Always remember to plug your sinks and bathtubs after use, and don’t forget to set down the lid as well.

4. Mold in your pasta sauce (and other spoiled foods)

Just as I was about to dump my hot Barilla spaghetti noodles onto my pan of meat sauce, I noticed clumps of mold in the mix, and they sure weren’t meatballs. It was almost as bad as taking a gulp of spoiled milk last week. Food goes bad, people, so by all means throw stuff away every once in a while. I haven’t bought pasta sauce since.

3. A clogged toilet

It’s embarrassing, disgusting, messy and potentially disastrous for your floors. Be thankful if this hasn’t happened to you … and that I chose not to include an image of what it looks like.

2. An overflowing garbage can

Not only can this attract rats, ants and the like, but it’ll straight up put you in a bad mood. Taking out the trash is no fun, especially when it’s overflowing with repulsive things and extremely smelly.

1. That pile of clean laundry you forgot to put away

After a long day at work, it’s devastating to remember you failed to handle this in the a.m. Happy folding!

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