I first heard about Day Breakers dance parties (early morning, completely sober shin-digs that happen all over NYC), from my mother as she sat at the breakfast table during one of my visits home. She also suggested I try wheat berries and develop an inner-confidence in the face of societal gender imbalances. (Sunday morning is her day to catch up on a lot of newspaper articles.) I have not sampled wheat berries yet and I’m still working on my confident walk (listening to Beyoncé helps), but I did get up at 6am, put on some turquoise mascara, and got ready to dance in lower Manhattan. And I learned a few things.

1. Not everyone has time to change between dawn dance parties and work.

There were a few suits in the sea of active wear. But they were some of the most into it.

2. Oats are now a common beverage add-on.

To make up for the lack of booze, a variety of juices were offered, including a line which incorporated oats into the drink. I figured showing up counted as my daily dose of adventure and opted for water. But look for oat drinks in a healthy friend’s fridge in the coming months.

3. If you are tired enough, giant dancing jelly fish puppets can look like giant, dancing condom puppets.

The more you know. Yes, it may be a sober morning dance party, but the colorful, trippy decorations (like these floating jellyfish-like things) and the creative costumes really bring out your uninhibited side.

4. Likewise, when people in giant vegetable costumes take the dance floor, you will need several minutes to confirm your lack of sleep hasn’t caused hallucinations.

This is a real Daybreakers party, by the way. Also, giant carrots are the best dancers, in case anyone ever asks you.

5. Photo evidence is even more necessary 7a.m.

“Pics or it didn’t happen” takes on new meaning when you’re going to tell your friends you got in a little clubbing just before work. Vines might also be required.

6. Dancing is more determined in the morning.

This is your morning work-out, you aren’t here to make friends, you’re here to burn calories.

7. But it can bring out the show-offs.

We get it. You’re a morning person and, obviously, were an extra in Footloose. Must your jumping up and down be so graceful and precise?

8. It’s a better way to start your morning than sitting in front of the TV taking in the morning shows.

Yes, it’s early, but a little exercise to some good music can keep your mood up the entire day— even if that means just hopping around in your bedroom.

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