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Reaching the big 3-0 is pretty tough. Why? Well, because 30 is the age where most people feel like it’s time to officially be an adult. But, we’re here to say that there are a few less-than-ideal habits you can still have at 30. Of course, you can do anything you want at any age, but at least with these, nobody should even think to question you.

First thing’s first — you don’t have to have everything together just yet. Even though 30 always “seemed old” to you (especially when you were living your most carefree life at 22) it doesn’t mean that you need to rearrange your habits and have all of your ducks in a row. It’s totally normal to not yet be settled in a career, or not know if you want kids. It’s even more normal to be single, and not all that excited about settling down. Everyone works at their own pace, and there’s no wrong or right way to live your life.

With that out of the way, here are a few habits you need to stop beating yourself up over.

1You’re a night owl.

Is it a good thing to be up at six in the morning? Sure. The morning is a perfect time to be productive. But if you get your best work done in the evening, you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Unless you’re running late for work every day, you shouldn’t have to justify when you fall asleep, and when you’re at your most productive.

2You can’t fall asleep without a stuffed animal or two.

Stuffed animals are around for a reason — they offer a lot of comfort. So you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your tiny collection that still sits on top of your bed. If they’re stuffed animals from childhood, they’re even more important. Just looking at your bear with the button eyes (who survived the washing machine many times over) can bring back a lot of great memories. Just make sure to leave them at home during that job interview.

3Sometimes, your dinner is a bowl of Cap’n Crunch

Even though subscription meal kits exist that help you create filling, healthy dinners, it’s still an okay habit to occasionally grab a bowl of cereal instead. Cereal isn’t just for kids, and it can totally be a cost-effective way of fighting hunger if money is tight.

4…And, you had instant ramen for lunch.

It might be a college staple, but it’s still a quick and tasty thing to make on occasion — that is, unless you overdid it in school and can no longer stomach them. You definitely get bonus points if you toss the flavor packet aside and serve your noodles up in a more creative way. But even if you don’t? It’s totally okay.

5You know nothing about your car.

It’s gray, and it’s a Subaru. You know how to drive it, but you have no clue how to service it. Even though you feel like you should have mastered Mechanics 101 at this point, it’s okay if you haven’t. While learning about your vehicle will help in the long run, not everyone has an interest in automobiles. Yes, it’d be good to know how to change a tire, but professionals exist if it’s something you’re still unfamiliar with.

6You often get restless if you’re working at one place for too long.

It’s great to have the “I’ve worked in my industry for 8 years” feeling, but for some people, doing the same type of job for awhile can make them a little uneasy. The job market just isn’t the same as it was when our parents were our age — and that’s kind of an important thing to remember. If you switch up jobs, just make sure to do it responsibly — as in, don’t burn bridges, and try hard to have something lined up before giving your two weeks notice. (And yes, you really should give two weeks notice. Not doing so, or just ghosting on your employer is definitely in the “bad habits” category.)

7You still turn to your parents when things get tough.

Your parents love you, and they were always a source of support. That doesn’t change in your 30’s. Even if you feel like you should have it all together by now, it’s still totally okay to run to mom and dad on occasion for a little emotional support. They know you better than anyone else, after all.

8You don’t make your bed.

Okay, so your room doesn’t look like it’ll be on the cover of a home decor magazine anytime soon. You keep common areas clean, but you can’t remember what your bed looks like with the comforter pulled all the way up. Back in 2015, The Huffington Post wrote in 2015 that unmade beds might actually help kill off dust mites, so perhaps this isn’t a bad habit after all. (You should definitely wash your sheets, though. Not changing them out is a habit worth breaking.)