7 weird hangover cures you can try to make it through New Year’s brunch

If you plan to bid 2017 adieu in style, you might find yourself nursing a headache on New Year’s Day. To ensure you make it to brunch the next day, you should read up on these weird New Year’s Eve hangover cures. I mean, you want to start 2018 on the right foot, don’t you?

Sure, the best way to cure a hangover is to avoid getting one in the first place. Your body can’t metabolize alcohol that isn’t there! But if you’re planning on chugging some champagne come December 31st, you should prepare. It’s easy to go overboard once the bubbly is flowing and the ball is starting to drop.

Memorize these unconventional hangover cures, tell you friends about them, and get ready to be a hero!

1Actually remember to drink water.

Yeah, it sounds obvious. But how many times have you looked up from your wine glass just to realize it’s been hours since you hydrated? Here’s the catch — you can’t just come home and chug a gallon of water after drinking nothing but booze for five hours. You need to keep at it all night long. Lifehacker suggests you plan to have “a tall glass of water for every unit of alcohol.”

2Be proactive.

Instead of chugging raw eggs the next day (we seriously don’t recommend this, by the way), try this way more delicious trick — pear juice. As HelloGiggles previously reported, “Asian pears are equipped with enzymes that speed up alcohol metabolism as well as inhibit alcohol absorption.” The main thing to remember is that you need to consume it before you imbibe.

3Engage in drunk brunch.

We know — “hair of the dog” sounds like a myth invented by frat boys. But it actually makes sense if you look at the logic behind it. According to Liquor.com, “Science has shown that your hangover peaks  roughly 12 hours after you start drinking (around the time your BAC returns to zero).” Just be careful not to overdo it — cap yourself off at one Bloody Mary or mimosa. If you can’t trust your willpower, stick to water.

4Skip the coffee.

Okay, so we know you probably won’t listen. If you’re a caffeine addict, skipping your morning fix is  the last thing you want to do when hungover. But just hear us out before you dismiss us and go back to your Joe. The Spruce points out that it “will only dehydrate you more and it may make your headache worse.” That said, if you get headaches due to lack of caffeine, that could exacerbate the problem. Just proceed with caution.

5Sip on some pickle juice.

According to Liquor.com, pickles are chock-full of “a lot of wonderful salty electrolytes that help your body recover after a night of heavy drinking.” They even suggest embracing Pickleback shots while you’re out partying, but we’re skeptical that would help ward off a hangover.

6Pick your drink of choice carefully.

Did you know that the type of drink you choose, not just how much of it you consume, could impact how you feel the next day? According to Healthline, alcohols containing congeners, or “toxic chemical by-products,” could lead to worse hangovers that last longer. The site suggests sticking to low-congener liquors like vodka, gin, and rum.

7Get active.

Yes, exercising is the last thing you want to do when you feel like you’re dying. We know you’d rather lie in bed, binging The Wire for the millionth time as you eat ten egg and cheese sandwiches. And you can do that, we promise! But just try to squeeze in some fitness. Don’t take our word for it — listen to Thrillist’s Wil Fulton, who tried it himself:

"I ran. I did a bunch of push-ups. I did a shit-ton of sit-ups. And I ran some more. At first, it was a glimpse of hell through rapidly fading beer goggles. Then I turned the corner (as I was turning a corner, actually) and I felt the booze gushing out of my pores — I mean, along with the sweat. All this exertion led to a lot of water drinking, and I found myself hydrating properly without getting too nauseous. The fresh air helped clear my head. The endorphins that were released told my brain, 'Hey, don't feel too bad about what happened last night — but also remember to ask your doctor about the next available STI screening, OK?'"

There you have it, folks! Exercise works.