Credit: Etsy

The cold is *too* real right now. Whether you love winter, or love to hate it, we can probably all agree that we wanna spend our days curled up in bed with loads of blankets, a yummy mug of cocoa, and maybe a pet or two or a dozen. We’ll keep each other warm, right? Well, if you can’t just take off of work to cuddle with your beloved creatures, you can at least take the good vibes out into the world with you with help from these warm and cozy items.

We went on the search for knits made with love, giant mugs capable of holding all your favorite hot, wintry drinks, and sneaky sources of warmth that’ll make you feel like you’re in bed even if you’re at the office. We’ve got to work together to survive the winter, after all! And what better excuse to go shopping than updating your winter go-tos?

Here are some of our fave warm and cozy items for winter!

1Meet the messy bun beanie, the solution to your desire to always wear a beanie, and to also ignore your hair and leave it in a messy bun for days at a time ($29)

2These knit arm warmers that are perfect for slipping under your sweater at work for an extra layer of warmth ($27)

3Wanna be a mermaid? Obviously. This mermaid tail blanket is crocheted and super warm ($29)

4Do we need this? We have no idea, but we do know it’s SO CUTE! Your tea pot is good to you. Treat it to a gift in the form of this adorable hedgehog tea cozy! ($19)

5These ridiculously cozy wool socks will keep your toes warm no matter where you venture off to ($35)

6This warm and cozy campfire mug is just as good at holding tea as it is at holding soup, making it a must. Plus, it’s totally on trend! ($20)

7This absolutely adorable happy fox cup cozy to keep your hands from burning while you drink hot chocolate and tea all season long ($11)

Credit: Etsy

We hope you dig these as much as we do, and that they help you not freeze this winter!