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Updated Apr 12, 2017 @ 5:49 pm
flower arrangements
Credit: Alexandra Grablewski/ Getty Images

When it comes to making the prettiest (and easiest) spring arrangements, we didn’t just stop at flowers. Our centerpieces use everything from tulips and roses to asparagus, carrots, and cabbage. There is one commonality between all of our arrangements: they’re completely doable. Take a look and try your hand at one of these easy, DIY projects.

The Floating Flower Arrangement

Credit: Courtesy of Laurey W. Glenn

This is probably the easiest flower arrangement you’ll ever do. Start with a pretty glass bowl, and then begin placing your flowers. You’ll only need a couple stems to make this show-stopping centerpiece.

The Collected Arrangement

Credit: Courtesy of Laurey W. Glenn

If you have always wondered what to do with those little glass jars you’ve gathered over the years, this is it. The key to this arrangement is grouping the tiny vessels onto a tray. This will give order to your collection and ensure it doesn’t look haphazard.

The No-Arranging Arrangement

Credit: Courtesy of Laurey W. Glenn

There really is no arranging in this arrangement. Simply place potted iris bulbs within a basket and cover with moss—it’s as simple as that. Sound too easy to be true? We bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Asparagus Arrangement

Credit: Courtesy of Laurey W. Glenn

Don’t worry—you can eat the asparagus too! Just be sure to sit the arrangement in a shallow dish of water so the stems stay fresh. We also recommend spritzing the arrangement with water twice daily.

The Flower Basket Arrangement

Credit: Courtesy of Laurey W. Glenn

A-tisket, a-tasket—you’re going to love this Easter basket. Customize it to work with your décor and the bouquets that are available at your local florist or grocery store. We love the look of this rustic pot, but feel free to use whatever you have on-hand.

The Cabbage Arrangement

Credit: Courtesy of Laurey W. Glenn

A sturdy head of cabbage makes an unlikely vase in this quirky arrangement. We love the combination of green leaves and bright pink flowers (we used tulips, hyacinth, and spray roses).