Karen Fratti
August 02, 2017 4:10 pm

A lot of advice about how to unwind and sleep better includes the golden rule of taking a bath at night instead of a hot shower. But you don’t need to be stressed to appreciate a good soak. There are tons of reasons that taking a bath is way better than a shower and only true bath junkies will understand.

There are so many things you can do in a bath!

Some anti-bathers insist that taking one means sitting in your own filth. But like, are you really that filthy? You’re probably not, and if you are, you can always take a quick rinse in the shower before drawing a bath and getting down to the real important stuff.

Baths are all about relaxation, and you can also get clean. What’s not to love? So if you have the luxury of having a huge tub in your bathroom (and the insurance that your roommates or family won’t be needing the loo anytime soon), gather your bubbles, a book, your drink of choice, and hop in. Is taking a bath sort of impractical? Yes. Is it efficient? Hell, no. But they’re relaxing and fun AF.

Here are just a few of the many, many reasons that taking a bath is better than a shower.

1You can get things done.

Yes, baths should be about relaxing, but you can’t bring a magazine or a novel into the shower with you. In a bath, you can lay back and get some much needed bookworm time in. Or get one of those fancy bath tables and try to get some journaling in or make a to-do list in peace. At least you’re comfy.

2You can eat.

And drink. Shower beers are a beautiful thing, but sometimes you want to chill without being attacked by water. Taking a bath with a glass of wine or scotch is very, very luxurious. And something you should do more often. Just be careful getting out of the tub!

3It’s better for your skin.

This can go either way, really, depending on your skin. But with a bath you have the option of adding oils and moisturizing soaps to the water to simply soak in. Instead of scrubbing away just to get clean. There are so many fun products for bath time, each of them the perfect reason to take one!

4You can fit your friends.

Taking a bath with someone else is so much better than taking a shower with someone else. If your tub is big enough for two, you should take advantage of that. Once you get situated, if you have the right company, you’ll see why bath sex is superior.

5There’s no rush.

A shower is all business. You’re standing up and likely have a routine you get through to clean yourself up. That’s great! You should keep clean. But in a bath you can choose to suds up or shave your legs or just sit there until the water gets too cold. There’s nothing you really have to do in a bath.

6You save your hair.

Sometimes you feel like you want to get all soaped up and clean but your hair is just perfect. Yes, there are shower caps for these moments, but baths are just safer in general for keeping your coif untouched.

7It’s good for your muscles.

A hot bath can actually be therapeutic. After a hard workout, sitting in some hot water (bonus points for jets!) can actually loosen up your tense muscles. If you pore in some Epsom salt, you can actually decrease inflammation, which means you’ll wake up the next day not feeling totally (as) sore.