Danielle Sepulveres
May 02, 2016 3:32 pm
Photographer: Amanda Elkins Hair: Brooke Rodgers Makeup: Marina Gravani
Photographer: Amanda Elkins Hair: Brooke Rodgers Makeup: Marina Gravani

When she was a kid, actress Ashley Zamora’s parents enrolled her in a theater camp and something about it just “stuck.” By the time 7th grade rolled around, Ashley was hooked on acting and her family was totally supportive. So she took acting classes, found an agent and a manager, and kept steadily climbing the ladder (with a pit stop on the show Gang Related) until she landed her recurring role as Erica on Lopez, a new show on TV Land.

If you’ve been watching, and wondering who the talented young actress playing George Lopez’s daughter is, we have the scoop on the one and only Ashley Zamora. Having just finished shooting, Ashley made time to share her thoughts on working hard in Hollywood, who she looks up to, and (obvi) her dog.

Question 1: What’s your go-to method for dealing when you’re having a tough day?

Ashley’s answer: I just try to center myself. Sometimes you’re on set and you’re nervous, because you want to live up to everyone’s expectations. Those nerves can get to you, but I breathe, tell myself it’s okay, then center myself and just calm down. I focus on not overthinking, and I relax.

Question 2: What are some of the ways you spend your free time?

Ashley’s answer: I’ve learned how to ride motorcycles! I like to ride horses, I love exercising, yoga, running. I also love spending time with my dog.

Question 3: What would be your ideal acting role?

Ashley’s answer: I really have always had a passion for dramatic roles. Glenn Close’s role in Fatal Attraction would be my ideal. A lot of work and a lot of thought goes into a role like that — not to over do it, and not to under do it. Something like that would be really incredible.

Question 4: Have you felt pressure being a young female in the entertainment industry?

Ashley’s answer: In general there are a lot of female actors and not always a lot of female roles. I think it’s always a little bit difficult to get roles because there seem to be more male characters.

Question 5: Who would you say are some of your role models?

Ashley’s answer: I love Meryl Streep. I think Jennifer Lawrence is another incredible actress. Also Glenn Close.

Question 6: What’s your favorite part about playing the role of Erica [on Lopez]?

Ashley’s answer: She’s a really fun character because I get to see her progress. She’s figuring out who she is and answering the questions of, “who am I?” “Who do I want to be?” She’s trying to fit in. It’s fun to explore.

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Question 7: Do you have any advice for younger girls reading this who want to be actresses?

Ashley’s answer: Work hard. Hard work pays off. You gotta pay your dues. Everyone you see on TV works really hard. You have to spend time and hours, really throwing yourself into it. A lot of people want to be actors, and you have to do something to make people notice you, to stand out. You have to work hard and be exceptional.

Catch Ashley Wednesday nights on TV Land at 10pm EST! And follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.