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In case you missed the memo, we’re here to remind you, it’s Earth Day! Earth Day is a day of magic where we as humans make an extra effort to give back, clean up, and beautify the planet we all call home. In celebration of this year’s Earth Day, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite planet-friendly small businesses that are taking off on Instagram.

Whether it’s @WolfDiningLA using every edible part of an ingredient at their California restaurant, or @OsmiaOrganics’ luxurious organic, all-natural skincare products that aim to have a gentler impact on the planet, these small businesses — sometimes operated by only a handful of people — are using Instagram to connect with an enormous and passionate community around the world.

Discover just a few of our favorite environmentally-friendly small businesses across the U.S., and follow them on IG to inspire more eco-friendly habits in your own life every day.

1Industry of All Nations

– Juan Diego Gerscovich, co-founder, Industry of All Nations, @industryofallnations


A modern California restaurant by chef Marcel Vigneron in Los Angeles that has zero waste, Wolf utilizes every edible part of the ingredients it sources.

3Sons Of Sawdust

– Sons of Sawdust, @sonsofsawdust

4Osmia Organics

– Dr Sarah Villafranco, founder & CEO, @osmiaorganics

5Canned Goods

– Thomas Paul Althaus, founder, Canned Goods, @CannedGoodsCo


– Robert and Corina Guillory, @CoffeeSock


– Anna Gilkerson, Makenew Curated Thrift Shop, @Makenew