Karen Fratti
Updated October 20, 2017

If you’re not a total Halloween die-hard or are just crazy busy this time of year, it’s likely you tend to put off the whole costume thing until the very last minute. It happens to the best of us. You just assume that you’ll figure out your Halloween costume at some point and then before you know it’s October 31st. Don’t freak out if you’re not going to have time to put together a complicated costume this year, we are full of easy, last minute Halloween costume ideas that can come together just by going through your closet and entry level DIY add-ons.

We swear these last minute costumes are actually easy.

Nothing is worse than thinking that you have an easy costume idea and then realizing it’s going to take way more work than promised. These last-minute, easy costumes are for the true lazy people out there. You’re so, so welcome.

1Error 404 page

You cannot think of a a cuter non-costume than this. To make the shirt, just write “Error 404: Costume Not Found” with a marker on a cheap undershirt or make yourself a placard to wear around your neck with paper and some string. Done and done!

2Liz Lemon

This one is simple and it comes with snacks! Just wear a blazer and a t-shirt over some jeans. You can make yourself an NBC ID badge if you want to make it simple for people or skip it. But definitely get a bag of Cheetos to carry around with you all night.

3A SIMS Character

This is so simple it hurts. You can basically wear anything you want from your closet but you will have to construct a headband with a floating green diamond. Depending on what last-minute means to you, this can be done with any head band and cut out green colored diamond attached with some gardening wire or even a pipe cleaner depending on your materials. You got this.

4Holly Golightly

This costume looks a lot more complicated than it really is and you can skip some things — like the gloves — if you don’t have them lying around and it will still work. Toss your hair up into a ‘do, wear your favorite LBD, throw on some fake (or real!) pearls, and a pair of sunglasses. A princess tiara from the dollar store (check the kid’s birthday party aisle) and a Starbucks order can be picked up on the way to the soireé.

5Annie Hall

Is this a costume or just a great fall outfit? Who cares — throw on a tie, a fitted vest or blazer and enjoy the night.

6Abbi and Ilana

Being the girls from Broad City is the best last minute BFF costume. One of you pulls on a crop top and some huge hoop earrings to become Ilana and then someone else just dress a little more conservatively — or make Abbi’s cleaner/trainer shirt from work. Boom. Done.

7Elaine from Seinfeld

All you need is a scrunchie, a blazer over a dress or skirt and some ankle socks. Oh, and some killer dance moves, obviously.