Caitlin Flynn
December 09, 2016 1:02 pm

For anyone who flies frequently, the experience is either a hassle at best (don’t forget your laptop needs to go in a separate bin!) or a consistently anxiety-inducing experience at worst. When a 60-year-old woman took her first plane ride, her seatmate, Elaine Filadelfo, live-tweeted the whole experience, and it was just as sweet as you’d imagine. Sue took her inaugural flight for a very special reason — her daughter had just moved and she wanted to surprise her.

She had the good fortune of being seated next to Filadelfo, who reassured her when things got turbulent and documented every emotion Sue experienced — from elation to anxiety to relief.

Filadelfo credited Virgin America with taking top-notch care of their passenger — she noted that the airline upgraded Sue, the pilot personally greeted her, and the staff ensured she knew the ropes before take-off.

During the flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the plane hit some turbulence — but, luckily, Filadelfo was there to hold Sue’s hand and assure her that everything would be OK.

Although she understandably experienced some anxiety during the flight, Sue reacted in wonder and amazement as she took in the views — and she loved being above the clouds.

Sue told Filadelfo that she used to look up at planes and wonder if the passengers were waving — so she waved out to the window just in case. (We’re not crying — you are.)

Once they safely landed in San Francisco for the surprise visit, Sue was able to give something else to her daughter, who has also never taken a plane ride — the assurance that flying isn’t so bad, after all.

Props to Sue for showing us that it’s never too late to try something new, even if it seems daunting — and we’re so happy that she was blessed with a supportive, kind seatmate.

We guess flying isn’t always terrible.