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Adulthood is like juggling. It looks super impressive from afar – but once you actually attempt it yourself, that’s when things get cray.

If there’s anyone who understands exactly what we’re talking about, it’s 6-year-old Vine star Ava Ryan. Though she may not “officially” be an adult, we find ourselves relating to each and every Vine her mom posts on their channel. They not only make us LOL – they also make us feel as though someone out there understands the adulthood struggle.

Monday through Friday, 9 to 5:

Pay day:

When all your adult friends have cool weekend plans, but you’re like:

Even when you try to socialize, it doesn’t exactly feel as good as they said it would…

People your age: Getting married and having babies. You:

Your morning routine:

Your nighttime routine:

“I just want to find someone stable I can settle down with,” says your friend. Your response:

Do people really need me to give them gifts on their birthday? That sounds expensive.

When you’ve been around other humans for many years, but this is still how you behave at parties:

Mondays (or, ya know, most days):