Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated Aug 13, 2015 @ 3:09 pm

It’s OK to feel bummed out sometimes. Like when you’re feeling homesick and miss your mom and your dad. Or when traffic is just the worst and it leaves you grouchy for the rest of the week. Or, you know, just for no real reason. It’s all part of being a human person who contains multitudes of emotions. And it’s totally fine to feel some sad feelings —but if you want to cheer yourself up, there are a lot of different ways. Here are some simple, fun ideas to help you snap out of that little funk:

1. Wear your favorite I’m Going To Make This Day Mine outfit —an outfit that makes your very core feel good and secure and strong.

2. Print out cheesy but wonderful quotes from Tumblr and tape them to your bathroom mirror

3. Make a to-do list of all the things you wanna get accomplished. Don’t give yourself a due date.

4. Watch a clip on YouTube from a movie you loved as a kid (may we suggest When Harry Met Sally or 10 Things I Hate About You?).

5. Do a closet purge. Sometimes getting rid of the clutter and reorganizing one thing in your house is totally rejuvenating.

6. Read this poem, please.

7. Get off Facebook and Instagram! Sometimes the Internet world is claustrophobic and negative, so a digital cleanse (even if it’s for an hour) can be helpful.

8. Look at pictures of neatly organized food. This photographer’s Instagram is totally mind-soothing.

9. Remember that different species can be best friends. Here, this video will jog your memory.

10. Make a playlist with songs that have always made you feel good and mighty (suggestions: “Got It” by Marian Hill, “When I’m Small” by Phantogram, “Dreams” by Beck).

11. Listen to what has scientifically been proven to be the most relaxing tune ever. Here it is.

12. Give yourself an emotional break from your smartphone. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

13. You know that shirt you’ve been coveting for the last three months? And maybe or maybe not it’s on sale now? But even if it isn’t —get it. Get the shirt.

14. Allot some extra time to sleep. Just the tiniest bit more of REM can be LIFE CHANGING.

15. Build your dream wishlist on Amazon (or Ebay, or Target, or Modcloth, etc.).

16. Near a park? Find a swing set and swing! Swing!

17. Get yo’ self an herb plant. Maybe some basil? Some parsley? Something that looks pretty, feels earthy and inspires your next meal.

18. Karaoke night! Karaoke night!

19. Take a luxurious bath with bubbles, salts, those mini candles that smell like vanilla and crayon, the WORKS.

20. Plan to spend your next free day in your PJs. Actually pick the day and write it in your calendar. Now make your all-important list of things to binge-watch on Netflix.

21. Give yourself a DIY facial. Here are some facial recipes.

22. Yell very loudly! Along with a song, or maybe just because. Have yourself a little Garden State moment.

23. Binge-read Shel Silverstein poems.

24. Light a candle that smells like brown sugar (or whatever scent you heart).

25. Write a friend a hand-written letter and mail it to them, old-school style.

26. It’s probably time to watch Kermit sing The Rainbow Connection.

27. Get a pep talk. This Pep Talk Generator will give you all the pep and motivation you need, promise.

28. Take your pants off and DANCE your booty off.

29. Or just take your pants off. Sometimes that really helps. (Not recommended if you’re at work, BTB)

30. Listen to Rainy Mood ( and cuddle up! We know it’s summer, but there’s nothing wrong with a little longing for some rain.

31. Check out some Internet galleries. Laying your eyes on cool pictures is a total mood enhancer.

32. Eyeball some vintage pictures of your parents. Sometimes, it’s really comforting to see mom and dad when they were your age, dealing with the same stuff, but in tube socks and polyester.

33. Do some ‘80s workouts on YouTube. Richard Simmons = happy place.

34. Visit Stumble Upon like it’s 2008 and enjoy the vastness of the Internet.

35. Plan your dream vacation —down to the AirBnB you’ll stay in and cafes you’ll eat at.

36. Here’s a quick fix if you’re stuck at work: 5-minute desk yoga.

37. Spend some time coloring with crayons and a coloring book. Like these ones right here that you can print out! Or this Jon Hamm coloring book —just throwing it out there.

38. Check out this tiny hamster having a blast at Disney World.

39. Eat a donut. Donuts are tiny frosted miracles, especially when they’re stuffed with cream. This is a fact.

40. Pictures of tiny houses! Pictures of tiny houses! We can’t explain why looking at them feels so good, but remember doll houses? Yeah, it’s got something to do with that.

41. Spend a dollar and send someone you love a song on iTunes. Giving a tiny little gift for no reason (especially a musical gift) is a total mood-changer.

42. Walk yourself into used book store. You don’t have to buy anything, just smell that smell. Ah, old books.

43.Write down 5 things you’ve accomplished this past week. It can be really simple things like ‘I actually made my bed’ and ‘I totally finished that crossword.’ Just give yourself some credit for doing the little things.

45. Order yourself a temp tattoo, like, right now.

46. We said eat a donut, right?

47. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon —Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and Chocolate Frogs are a MUST.

48. Remember: the universe wants you to re-watch this deeply funny Amy Schumer skit.

49. Make your favorite snack you loved as a kid —a bologna and cheese sandwich, or Oreos and milk.

50. Remember that you are an awesome force to be reckoned with, that every human feels sad sometimes, and that you’re totally going to be OK.

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